Hello I am April. I am an actual dragon. Not a furry or therian or otherkin thats just how I see myself. Meditated and had a complete spiritual reawakening ego death. By that I mean schizophrenic breakdown. well my point still stands if you knew me a month or more ago, you do not, I am different. April 2.0 in a way. FOr example I'm a Caniac. Don't test me. Don't believe me huh? Well. *shows my Caniac Club membership* look at that. Don't test me. Please don't. I will obliterate you. I am not weak. I promise I am not weak. PLease do not try and prove that ok. thank you. *velociraptor nuzzles me* what? oh sorry that was my girlfriend. And yes. *she starts smoking a goint.* she smokes weed. Jealous huh? oh you arent. sorry. also some more info about me: im a nongay fujoshi. im tme and say femboy. im a lesbinot and experience comphet.